Team Training


Who Should Attend

This training is designed for any member of staff, (or whole staff teams), who want to increase the effectiveness of their interpersonal communication skills.

Overview of training


The session will cover an overview of our video-feedback approach and the underlying theories of communication on which it is based. The approach will be illustrated through the presentation of filmed interaction, and key elements of communication will be explained and explored. The delegates will then have an opportunity to apply their new learning to observe and analyse successful moments of interaction from films provided by the trainers. Towards the end of the training, there will be an opportunity to share learning across the whole group, connect the developments of individuals and highlight organisational themes.

Before the next small group session, the delegates will take some interactional film of themselves talking with a work colleague (maximum 15 minutes of film). They will then identify their most successful moments based on the key elements of communication.
During the 2 hour session, each delegate will have the opportunity to reflect on their successful moments with a Consultant and learn from each others’ films through observation.

This learning will then be formulated into communication strengths and working points to take forward.

Learning Objectives

Delegates will have been given the knowledge of:

The science behind effective interpersonal communication and influence.
Elements of communication that promote successful interaction.
The analytic framework for assessing effective interpersonal communication.

Delegates will have experiences that allow them to gain initial skills in:

Identifying and analyzing the elements of communication on video.
Identifying strengths in their communication as well as an aim or working point for further development.

Delegates will have gained an initial understanding of:

How the elements of communication relate to enhancing the quality of their interpersonal interactions in the work-place.
How to continue to promote further development of their interactions.

Expected Outcomes

The delegates will gain significant insights into their personal interactional style and communication skills. The participants will be able to make more use of the communication skills they already have which will contribute to your organisation’s success through enhancing team interactions, enabling collaboration and promoting an environment to inspire teams.