“Skilled Communicator”

Who is this training for?

This is a bespoke and individualized programme for the most influential people in your organization.

Step 1

Introductory Meeting

The participant will meet with one of our Consultants to carefully formulate their performance needs and self-set goals (45 minutes).

Step 2


Our Consultant will then take a short film of the participant interacting with colleagues in a scenario of their choice (20 minutes) in their everyday workplace meetings. He/she will analyse this film, identifying the most successful communication moments that address their performance needs and edit them into short film clips.

Step 3

Reflect and Review Meeting

The participant will then meet with the Consultant to review and reflect upon these film clips with the consultant, enhancing their beliefs, confidence, ability and performance in communication and relationships (1 hour).

The Film and Review Cycle can be repeated to enable the participant to embed these more effective communication behaviours into their practice.

Step 4

Final review meeting

The Consultant will meet with the participant for a final meeting to reflect and review on current achievements and also consider any working points and future challenges.

The participant will also be given a journal to record any observations/reflections in the times between the ‘reflect and review’ meetings with the Spark Consultant.


This training package offers the participant a unique opportunity to gain greater insight into their interactions while being guided through the process by a highly trained and experienced Consultant.

The work will be tailored to specifically address areas of communication identified by the participant that they would like to enhance. Strengths in the participants’ communication will be identified as well as aims or working point for further development.

The participant will have been given the knowledge of:

The science behind effective interpersonal communication and influence.
Elements of communication that promote successful interaction.
The analytic framework for assessing effective interpersonal communication.


The participant will gain significant insights into their personal interactional style and communication skills. These new insights can then be applied in their interactions to enhance all areas of communication both within an individual, team and leadership environment.